Friday, June 10, 2011

toilet talk

I ended up going to AnimeNext for the first time ever today with the BF and two of our really good friends. Let me tell you.... It was such an interesting experience! I'm not really interested in anime, but I had a lot of fun anyway. I pretty much went to see some of my favorite artists. I know I said I wasn't interested in anime, and that is true, but the artwork that some of these people create are just amazing!

On the ride home, we had one of the strangest conversations. Now, don't get me wrong... when we're with these two friends, we definitely have strange conversations, but I'm not sure anything else can top this one - TOILETS! We had about an hour drive home and we spent half of it talking about how great my toilet is.

Some really great points during this conversation included:
1. The flushing is similar to that on an airplane; does its job and does it quickly!
2. The seat goes down slowly; no slamming = no loud noises during your middle-of-the-night pee.
3. It's just perfect, damn it!

Who in their right mind talks in-depth about toilets for a half hour?? Only us! Since we had this highly intelligent conversation about my toilet, I felt it was only right to write today's blog from my toilet.

Just kidding... or am I?!


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  2. haha i really like ur blog, it's funny & cute!

    i'm your new follower, wish u can pass by and follow back?


  3. I love your little drawings, they are so cute! xoxo

  4. Conversations like that are always hilarious. You will probably remember that conversation for the rest of your life which is even more weird... Oh it's the little things in life!!

    A Candid Life

  5. Hahaha...the best relationships in life will have toilet talk in them at some point...that's just the way it is. Well that's the way it should be anyway :p Thanks for swinging by my blog! I'm officially your new follower, hopefully you are as excited as I am about that :p


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