Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a stroll down memory lane: party dress fail

Almost 2 years ago, my second cousin got married and of course I attended the wedding. As most of you know, I'm not really a girly-girl, but when I have an event like this to attend, I dress appropriately. In this case, it was a very formal wedding in a beautiful ballroom type event space - marble floors, a gorgeous outdoor garden, an indoor waterfall type thing, etc. It must have cost a small fortune to have that wedding!

Anyway... I knew about the wedding a few months in advance and I also knew that I didn't have a formal dress that I could wear to the wedding. Well, the day before the wedding, I still had not purchased a dress! Obviously this led to hours of dress shopping. I may not be the girly-girl type, but I am a very picky person when it comes to clothing (especially when it's an occasion that requires me to look pretty and formal). Surprisingly, about an hour later, I found what seemed to be the perfect strapless dress. I bought the dress and a cute pair of shoes and that was all I needed.

I was ready to have a wonderful time at a beautiful wedding - or so I thought.... The BF and I arrived at the wedding all handsome and pretty - him in his suit, me in my "perfect" dress. We were sitting at the reception tables for most of the day, but then the bride and groom decided they wanted everyone on the dance floor. Well, not only am I an inexperienced heels-walker, but apparently I'm also an inexperienced dress-wearer. I stood up without noticing that I was stepping on the front of my dress, started walking, and... well... you probably know the rest.....

My dress had fallen and my boobs were exposed for all 250 wedding attendees to see! I quickly pulled the dress back up, but I was so embarrassed that I had to leave the wedding immediately following the incident. I didn't know who, if anyone, actually saw what had happened, but I had to leave immediately! I couldn't believe what had happened, but lesson learned: strapless dresses are EVIL!


  1. oh. my. goodness.
    this is a riot!
    I've never in my life worn a strapless dress and I never will...even if I wanted to, I dont have the boobs to keep them up.

  2. lmao OMG i cant imagine! i try to stay away from strapless dresses also because like LaynahRose, I too lack the proper boobage to hold them up lol!

    <3 jaz


  3. that's not a good experience my dear!!
    i like to wear these beige tape some stores sell for strapless dresses! so don't throw away that dress!!!! haha try that first :)


  4. Aw...I'm sorry about that, hun :( How embarrassing. I totally would have left too. If I don't like a dress being strapless, I'll actually add straps myself. It's pretty easy if you have the right color to match.


  5. hahaha oh no! I don't wear strapless dresses too often because it annoys me to keep making sure they're still covering my boobs. But I make sure I wear a strapless bra underneath just in case.

  6. Oh no!!!! Haha your story telling is hilarious. I've had my fair share of that...I try to stay away from strapless maxi dresses :p. Those are the worst! Or I make sure to wear a very sturdy bra that won't come down with the dress!

  7. Oh. my! I am soooo sorry! At least you can laugh about it now...maybe? :) Also, I'm loving the picture haha it really illustrates your point. Super cute blog :)

  8. HAHAHAHAHA It's like the dreaded bikini fail! x



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