Wednesday, June 15, 2011

putrid poultry

Last night, the BF and I decided we would make chicken parmigiana for dinner. We went to the grocery store to pick up everything we needed - ya know, only the essentials... chicken, cheese, spaghetti, sauce, ice cream! Unfortunately I have this bad habit of picking up everything that looks good and this time it was ice cream. Of course, the BF insisted that I shouldn't get it, but somehow it ended up in the shopping cart anyway (at least it was only Skinny Cow - low in fat and sugar, but still sooo yummy!).

When we got home, we figured it was time to make dinner. The BF took the chicken out of the bag and opened it up only to smell that disgusting bad chicken odor!

I couldn't believe it! I was so disappointed - this was now the 5th time that we've gotten bad chicken from this grocery store. After swearing a little bit and stomping around the house for a few minutes, we ended up going back to the store to return the chicken. For $11 I should have received fresh chicken! We got to the front desk and I felt so bad for the lady at the counter... she had to open the bag and smell the chicken to see if it was actually bad - and boy did she get a nice wiff of that nasty chicken! 

In the end they refunded my money, but they also lost a customer because I'm NEVER buying chicken there again! Now I'm off to try it again... hopefully with fresh chicken this time.


  1. Wow I never thought it could happen. That suck that you got bad chicken, I would be furious too. so did you end up making the dish? it sounds least you got ice cream :D


  2. Such a cute blog!Would you like to follow each other? :)

  3. That's so rubbish, at least they refunded you I suppose. x hivenn

  4. Oh no, that is terrible that they would be selling bad chicken! I would be worried about what other expired or bad products they might be selling as well. Thank goodness at least you got your money back!

  5. Oh ew that's unfortunate! Glad they gave you a refund and that you could try again!

  6. thanks for your comment on my blog :) xxx ew! that's a funny story, but at least you got a refund!

    Meena xx

  7. ewww nothing is worse than bad smelling rotten food!!!!

  8. thank you for commenting on my blog :)
    glad that you got your money back,bad chicken does smell so erwwww!!

  9. Good she should have to smell it! How gross they are selling bad chicken! You are lucky you didnt get sick!

    love from San Francisco,

  10. That's awful!! Grocers should never be selling rotten food anyway! And 5 times too?! DAMN

    You have a great blog- looove the drawings! :D

  11. glad u got a refund, i wish u drew a caricature of the lady's face after she had smelled the putrid


  12. You wasted your life writing this story about getting bad chicken. You should reevaluate your existence.


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