Thursday, July 14, 2011

how did that happen?!

Soo this past weekend was actually pretty decent. The BF and I ended up going to a family BBQ at his grandmother's on Sunday, which turned out to be a lot of fun. The weather was perfect - in the mid 80's and sunny - and... well... it was just a good time for all of us!

The BF and his family played croquette for hours - yes, of all the games they could play, they chose to play croquette (weird, I know, but it looked like they were having tons of fun and I have to admit I had fun watching!). We were all outside way past when the mosquitoes came out - basically until the sun went down. Well, that was Sunday.

Monday night, I was just laying around when I started to feel a little itchy. It wasn't just in one place either - it was a bunch of different places all over my body. I was wondering what the heck could have caused the itchiness. Then I remembered... I was outside with mosquitoes all night the night before! I thought that if I had any bug bites, I would have noticed them Sunday night. Well, I guess not because I sure was itchy as hell! ... and not just on my legs either. Those damn mosquitoes got me right on the @$$! TWICE - one on each cheek!

Of all the places I could have gotten bit by these mosquitoes, I didn't think my butt was one of them! It's not like I was butt-@$$ naked or even wearing shorts... I was wearing capris! Damn mosquitoes!


  1. lmao aw! i hope you feel better, butat least you had fun!

    <3 jaz

  2. Damn mosquitos indeed! Those suckers are nasty! Hope your bum heals up fast! xo style, she wrote

  3. Bite them back!

    I grew up playing croquette and badminton at my very southern step grandmothers house before summer dinners (afterward they all had Brandy Alexanders on lawn or reclining chairs while we ate peach ice cream)

  4. straight up mosquitos make me so grumpy.

  5. Lmao omg this post is exactly what I am feeling today except I got stung by a bee on my butt today at the water park! It hurt so bad and I haven't been stung in so long so I had to shed a tear but this brought me to smiles again lol I love it


  6. Arg. I hate bug bites. I hope yours stop itching soon!

  7. Ahahaha that's funny! I love your posts! They're so funny and entertaining! I wish you had a mini-series show.
    -The BF Mashup

  8. Hi gurl,

    This is such a lovely post ^__^. Oh btw, I awarded you some love because I love your blog. Check this out

    Have a pleasant day.


  9. Oh no! What a crappy place to get mosquito bites. How did they make their way to the ass region though? Those things are so sneaky!

  10. That sucks! I hate mosquito bites SO MUCH! Spider bites are worse though :/


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