Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flying High

MISSION: ACCOMOPLISHED! .... or was it?? .......

In March, I booked a flight to Florida to visit the vacation house my mom bought earlier this year. The last time I booked a flight, I cancelled it within 3 hours because I started crying (WTF?) when I started packing, so this was a major deal. Two weeks later.... it was that time.... time to get my butt on a jet to Florida! I had an 8:00AM flight, which meant I had to be out of the house at 6AM (yuck!). I was soo tired that I had the calmest ride to the airport - I wasn't nervous at all!.... Until I got to the airport.

Once I got through security, I looked around for a Sprite (don't ask, it's my comfort drink... I'm neurotic remember?). Of course, they didn't have it anywhere in the airport! Just my luck! I was freaking out - I almost cancelled the trip because they didn't have Sprite! I settled for something else and decided I would try to get my seat changed hoping it would help me feel a little more comfortable on the flight. I ended up getting my seat changed to ROW 1! Literally ROW 1! I was also able to have a flight attendant waiting for me with a Sprite when I stepped on the plane (wow, JetBlue spoiled the $h1t out of me didn't they?). I was soo nervous when I got on the plane that I was afraid I was going to end up getting off. Instead, the cabin door closed and I was on my way to Florida!

 I landed in Tampa and life was goooood!


  1. i've no problem flying but not in a teeny tiny plane such as that one. that's my claustrophobia kicking in...

  2. great picture! ;-) lovely smile ;-)


  3. Haha funny! Hope you had a good time..


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