Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Little Pit Stop

I'll start out by saying I'm a BIG BABY! Instead of going straight to booking a flight to Florida, I decided to go for a discovery flight at a small local airport. I know you're asking yourselves "why couldn't she just get on the damn jet and get her @$$ to Florida?!", right? Well, like I said... I'm a big baby! I had no idea what this discovery flight entailed. I walked into the hangar wondering which plane I'd be getting into. There were some gorgeous planes in there and I was getting so excited about flying in one of them. Of course, that wasn't the case..... Instead this is the plane we walked up to:

Soo I finally got myself on the small plane - just me and the instructor. I was horrified as we taxied to the runway. I wasn't familiar with the noises in a small airplane at all, so every little noise freaked me out. We were given the go-ahead to take off and next thing I knew I was in the air. A little bumpy during take-off, but that's what I expected especially since it was a little windy that day. We only got up to about 2,500 feet, but that was such an amazing experience. I got lucky for once and got to tour the area the day after major flooding had happened. I got to see the full extent of the flooding from 2,500 feet... I also got to fly directly over my house!! It was just a great experience. I knew that if I could fly in both a private charter jet AND a small little Cessna, I could definitely fly in a commercial jet.

I was now on a mission! MISSION: BOOK FLIGHT TO FLORIDA!

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