Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fear of flying: Conquered?

Afraid of flying at 22. I know what you're thinking "What a baby!".. Well that's what I thought too! Every year... I mean EVERY YEAR for the past 6 years, my mom has asked me to visit Florida with her and the family. My response the past six years: NO. I didn't understand what was wrong with me, but I knew I couldn't get on a plane. It's not like I hadn't flown soo many times before! It just seemed so ridiculous and I felt like a baby. At a certain point, I decided I really needed to conquer the $h1t out of my fear of flying. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in New Jersey without the possibility of visiting other states and even other countries! I've always wanted to visit soo many places, but I knew I would never get there with this fear putting some serious weight on me. I did the only thing I thought would make my fear of flying magically disappear.....

I emailed every small airport and every charter company in the area. I didn't think any of them would respond since they must get a billion email a day from much more important people. Next thing I knew... I GOT A RESPONSE! I was scheduled with a private charter company to take a short flight on a private jet - and yes I said PRIVATE JET! I had a week to prepare for this, and I was sooo extremely nervous. Never in my life did I expect to fly on a private jet - this kind of thing normally costs over $1,000 per hour! I flew for free! I was sooo excited the day of the flight that I wasn't even really nervous. At that point, I knew that my anxiety and fear of flying was just stupid and something made up in my baby brain. I finally stepped foot on the jet and I felt like a million bucks.. literally I felt like a millionaire! We taxied to the runway and took off to the skies. This was the most amazing feeling that I had felt in soo long. I was soo proud of myself that I was speechless. I just kept staring out the window with such a smile on my face. After the flight, the first thing I did was call my mom (she was flying to Florida that night) and said "I FRIGGIN' DID IT!" She then wanted me to take a trip to FL with her in April soooo.....

Next step was to book a flight to Florida! Did I really conquer my fear of flying?? ......


  1. very nice dear *

    waiting for you to imagine:

    kiss: *

  2. OMG I'm afraid of flying as well. HORRIBLE FEAR! I totally understand :)

    My partner is a pilot.. so its kinda ironic that I have this horrible fear. But good on you for trying to conquer!!

    xx natalie

  3. this is so cute! hahaha! I updated my summer essentials. more details about the product! if you wanna check that out.btw, following you now! follow back maybe? hehe.


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