Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ever since I signed up with Blogger I haven't been able to use some features. I'm soo disappointed that I can't comment on any blogs or even reply (is this even possible?) to comments I've received!

I feel like these awesome people think that I don't care when actually I can't friggin' wait to finally be able to respond to them. I wanted to comment on my first follower's blog (go visit http://weareforever-xo.blogspot.com/ now!) the other night thanking her for becoming my very first follower, but I COULDN'T! I'm so sorry! It's sooo upsetting and soo frustrating! I know it's a known issue that Blogger has to deal with, but DAMN! I can't even post anonymously! THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP! It'll make this girl - me - extremely happy :)

Anyone else having this problem??? Obviously you won't be able to comment on this if you are. Ughhh! Please fix this Blogger!

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