Monday, June 6, 2011

i heart bikinis

I have a serious swimwear addiction, specifically bikinis. A girl can NEVER have enough swimwear! Now that the warm weather has finally graced us with its presence here in NJ, I've finally take out part of my collection. I have 15 bathing suits just in my room and tons more still waiting to get out of the summer boxes that were put away for winter. The BF constantly makes fun of me for having too many bathing suits especially since I can never decide which one to wear! I always had bad self-esteem growing up and would never wear a bikini or even a bathing suit for that matter - I was always that girl with the board shorts and t-shirt, but now I am an addict. Now, I spend sooo much time online looking for bikinis and new swim shops/boutiques. I'm very picky with bathing suits; they need to meet specific criteria in order for me to purchase.

It needs to fit! I HATE when stores sell swimwear "sets" - WTFF?! ... Not all girls can fit into those! Some have big @$$, small b00bs...... others vice versa (big b00bs, small @$$). Ughhh that's just so frustrating. How can you sell a $180 swimsuit as a set and not give us the ability to choose separately WHAT FITS?!?!?

Anywayys.... I MUST have this!

Betsey Johnson: Mad Hatter Bandeau Top ($112) and Skirt Bottom ($108)


  1. Hahhah! I feel you, katie! :) I just can't get enough of bikini specially this oh-so hot summer makes me wanna wear it to the beach EVERY day. I spent almost a week choosing the right bikini and fitting it looking for the perfect pair! I hate it they always run out of small ones :(


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